Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

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Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today. A quick overview of these models

Choosing a tool is always a trade-off between price and opportunity. Let’s remember the spyglass with gold ornaments – tinsel did not affect the light and the ability to see far, but increased the cost of the pipe many times. The price of metal detectors – do we pay for “drinks”?

Factors that affect the price of a metal detector

The first factor is the brand. If we take the product XP, Garret, Minelab, Tesoro – immediately prepare to give 10 percent of the price only for the name on the box. Relatively young and domestic companies have not yet reached such cynicism.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

Ranking of the most expensive metal detectors: brief reviews
OKM eXp 6000

Take the OKM eXp 4500 – look at the third position of the rating – and remove all the wires. Add GPS and wireless eye monitor (video projection glasses) and get eXp 6000.
OKM devices are so unlike any of the geoscanners that it is even strange to compare them.

The last word from Nokta – also wireless Invenio Smart Pro looks next to the OKM eXp 6000 as a good Volvo S90 next to the luxurious Jaguar XJ SWB “in full mince” – the price difference also doubles.

OKM Gepard GPR

The GPR abbreviation stands for Ground Penetrating Radar. The cheetah is a bit like WhitesTM 808 or Fisher Gemini 3. But both antennas are located in a horizontal plane.
The operator is no longer carrying a dumbbell, but a one-and-a-half-meter doorknob.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

According to the manufacturer’s website, the underground radar detects:

underground walls, basements, concrete;
Hidden cavities and grottoes
Underground rivers and reservoirs;
buried water pipes and cables;
Septic wells, distribution boxes, sewer pipes;
secret tunnels, bunkers and shelters;
buried chests, statues and treasures.
To display the found tablet on Android, associated with the device over Bluetooth. Immediately, the found anomalies and tunnels are immediately linked to the area using GPS. This is done with Google Maps.

This is the case when a decent idea was implemented at the proper level and sold for a lot of money (yes, it’s a hint of Tesla’s domestic production).

Price 17,600 euros.

OKM eXp 4500 Professional Plus

The device uses the Electro-Magnetic Signature Reading (EMSR) principle and is a 3D georadar or geoscanner.
Is able to look for voids, tunnels, other anomalies, and, of course, has the ability to detect the smallest particles of gold and silver in the soils of any litter and mineralization.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

In addition to the electromagnetic pulses, it also uses FS Thermoscan.

In addition to the actual detection, builds a color picture of the field under study on a color touch screen, memorizes data about the deposit, then transmits the accumulated information to the computer, where with the help of proprietary software the operator builds 3D model of the underworld.

Works in the following modes:
Ground Scan. We are looking for treasures, artifacts, burials.

Mineral Scan. We are looking for gold nuggets from the weight of fractions of a gram. Used by geologists.

Tunnel Scan. We find cavities, caves, tunnels.

Pin Pointer.

Thermo Graph and Thermo Scan. Identify cavities and other anomalies by temperature difference.

Magnetometer. We’re looking for black metal.

It costs 15,600 euros.

Nokta Invenio Smart Pro

We wrote about this device. Read.
Briefly: VLF, geoscanner mode. Actually, everything is the same as that of OKM eXp 4500, but at a more modest level. All bindings to GIS, building a model of the underworld – all attached to this model. And the Pro kit includes everything the treasure hunter can wish for. Except for the twice-expensive OKM eXp 6000.

Price 12,000 euros.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

Minelab GP 7000

Metal detector to search for gold. The standard VLF scheme, improved performance compared to the previous flagship model, wireless communication with the control unit, link to GIS, revolutionary discrimination technology aimed at finding gold.
Price 7900 euros.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

The world’s most expensive metal detector: OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus review

So, what will the treasure hunter get by purchasing a very expensive, even the world’s most expensive metal detector for the price of forty-five Fisher F75 – not the worst device on the market – or ten Garrett ATX PRO?

The buyer will get a really working geoscanner, able to detect everything from small native gold to tunnels, shelters, treasures. The device is fully wireless, a control unit with a color touch screen, it can connect tablets and other mobile devices on Android or Window.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

LiveStream technology provides a treasure hunter with a two-dimensional picture in real time, and 3D will build a computer. The two-dimensional picture displays both the control unit, the paired tablet, and the eye monitor – the further development of the projection glasses that came complete with the OKM eXp 5000 – the picture is projected on a small display, located 2-3 cm from the eye of the treasure hunter . The monitor, of course, is also wireless.

GPS binding to the terrain is implied.

The device has several search sensors – to call these devices the word “coil” does not turn the language. The deep cavity detection sensor is similar to a vertical tube with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 500 mm. The sensor to search at a relatively shallow depth is similar to a vacuum cleaner brush, which can telescopicly spread to a width of up to 1 meter.

Top 5 most expensive metal detectors in the world today

A picture from the manufacturer’s website shows the finds at different depths:

wine cellar at a depth of 21 m;
Gallery – 8m;
The old tunnel is 6 m;
The fighter’s engine is 5 m;
Chest with gold bars – 4.5 m;
12 gold coins – 3.20 m;
Gold coins – 2 m;
ancient bells – 2.10 m;
Vintage door hammer – 1.40 m;
The statuette is 1.10 m;
Antique vaza – 1m;
copper colchedan – 0.5m;
Ancient dagger – 0.6 m;
meteorite – 0.6 m.
Unfortunately, the picture does not give an idea of the size of the objects detected, but the depth is still impressive. It is felt that treasure hunters buy such geoscanners for a reason.

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