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Conducted a test showed that when there is in the land of the copper coins and pieces of iron spans her half white’s metal detector Coin Master PRO based in discrimination mode truncated segment of iron (i.e. total disregard of iron) perfectly detects coin.

If you compare the metal detector Pinpointer mode enabling static White’s Coin Master PRO with metal detectors by Garrett ACE the “spec on coins” turns out to be the absolute winner. Pinpointa mode is enabled with a single press on the corresponding button on the screen-there is no need to keep it! To turn off this mode-just click the button again.

Great American Coin Master’s White’s metal detector PRO is designed specifically to search for coins and historical artifacts. This is reflected in its name Coin Master translated from English “Lord of coins” or “spec on coins.

Using the “Coin Master PRO you get the pleasure of comfort, efficiency, reliability and at the same time, the simplicity of the device.

The device works through installed two batteries of the type “krona” voltage of 9V. To save money, we recommend you get two batteries 9V and charging device that allows you to simultaneously charge two batteries of the type “krona”.

Purchasing them once you never will buy food for your metal detector. In addition, unlike “AA” batteries, batteries of type “krona” give full voltage 9 volts and loss of sensitivity will not.


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White´s CoinMaster metal detector has five levels of discrimination to You can choose which targets search. The identification of objective indicates the depth to where the object is located. In ‘All Metal’ mode you will be able to detect all kinds of metal. This detector control box is sturdy and submersible. Weighs 680 grams,