Jewish and Egyptian gold

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Jewish and Egyptian gold


The world of mafia and exploration in many of its features like the world of the drug trade and arms, all of them dependent on network rail clients
Gold. Money. Silver, lending usury lyrics calling for immediate human memory the stereotype of the Jewish merchant who embodied in his “Shakespeare merchant of Venice or the frequently cited in the literature of folklore.

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Jews and Egyptians are the Jewish community that lived in Egypt, and was one of the largest Jewish communities in the Arab world and the most influential open and participation in various fields of modern Egyptian society. Despite the lack of an accurate census, the Jewish population in Egypt estimated less than 100 in 2004, was among the 75-80,000 in 1922 and the composition of the Jewish population in Egypt is composed of Arabic-speaking Jews and Karaites, the divines who joined Sephardim after their expulsion from Spain.
Jewish and Egyptian gold

Jewish and Egyptian gold

After the opening of the Suez Canal, the trade flourished in Egypt, which attract the Ashkenazi who began to arrive in Egypt in the wake of the massacres orchestrated for Jews in Europe in the latter part of the 19th century, where they found safe haven in Egypt to form an elite commercial and cultural in Egyptian society. Those who stay in Cairo was limited to the “path of barbarians”. But conditions worsened for Egyptian Jews since the late 1940s after the 1948 war, and things worsened after scandal Lafon and war of 1956.

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The Egyptian Jewish community was divided into three different sections


1. Jews and Egyptians were when Israel was created in 1948 about 11,000 people.
2. “the be an Egyptian” who are of foreign origin migrated to Egypt and have given up their original nationality and were naturalized by the Egyptian nationality, in the same period, the number 756 000
3. foreign Jews any Jews of different nationalities choose to live in Egypt, but they retained their original nationality had their number during the same period, some 400,000 people

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Jews under the rule of the Arabs (641 to 1250)


The Arab conquest of Egypt found support not only from Copts, but Jews as well, all disgruntled administration corrupt Patriarch Cyrus of Alexandria.
The Jews had reason to feel grateful to former rulers of Egypt. In 629 the Emperor Heraclius expelled the Jews from Jerusalem this was followed by a massacre of Jews throughout the Empire and in Egypt. And AMR Ibn al-‘ AAS for Jews survive in Alexandria Egypt opened.


The riches of the Jews flourished in the reign of the Tulunid Egypt.

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In an era of Gamal Abdel Nasser increased the conflict between Egypt and Israel increased dramatically, and the beginning of the “State of Israel” and calling for Jews from all over the world to immigration, Muslims began to burn Jewish Center, famous because they were rich Egypt at that time like shikoril and ADEs and others. The Jews of Egypt began to turn to Israel and Egypt, the affiliation has been uncovered many Israeli spy networks, which were members of the Jews of Egypt, after Israel’s occupation of the Sinai and Israel began to use them to spy on a large scale. After the victory of Egypt in the October 1973 war, in the 1980s have been monitoring some attempts of exodus to Egypt by a very small number of families, but according to the Egyptian Constitution, these Jews on Israeli citizenship was stripped of his Egyptian citizenship, denied requests for displacement and deportation of Jews from the Egyptian border.
Jewish and Egyptian gold

Jewish and Egyptian gold

The Jews out of Egypt,  Egyptians went up … Each Jewish went to the neighbor and asked her busies gold and jewels to wear them in a Jewish holiday and all the Egyptian initiative to give Jewish as her at, and went out of Egypt.


A special Torah is said to travel the Psalms of David are pharaonic religious monologues
They stole everything in Egypt heritage, customs and traditions until the circumcision
But the Bible is said to descend with the hieroglyphs were they master her gidaoitknha Prophet Musa because he grew up in the shadow of Pharaoh and was ordained priest of the Egyptian goddess. Khane

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In the souvenir shop inside the UN building in New York, and through tours organised by the building management, displays each Member State souvenirs reflect its heritage and its history, and in its own section, next to candlestick, Israel presents different models of cessation and marketed as part of the Jewish heritage and called «chamsah, an ancient Hebrew word meaning five, and used in accordance with the beliefs in the dimensions of the demon eye «envy».

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But Israel is trying to steal as many stolen codes. questioned Dr. masterpiece Handoussa, former Dean of the Faculty of archeology, an end to Israeli tradition, saying: «cessation pharaonic symbol Thoroughbred was initially suspended in bracelets, made of Garnet, symbolizes strength, then evolution through the ages: pharaonic to Palm in five fingers separately as a symbol of God’s goodness that prevent the work of the demon of envy, comes to the end part of a bride’s late period»

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