Long range compass for gold detection 24 – 1000

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COMPASS LONG RANGE GOLD 24-1000 IS A GOLD DETECTOR WITH A RANGE OF UP TO 1000 METERS /DISTANCE/. Gold detector works up to a depth of 6 meters.

The frequency generator is designed on the basis of DDS – direct digital assembly and is controlled by a microcontroller. A bright blue flashing LED serves as a signal to “power”.

It is a device that uses the method of radiation anesthesia and the efficiency of the research depends on the skill of the researcher and not only on the capabilities of the device.

long range finder
long range finder

You can find many articles on the Internet to learn about the term “radiation anesthesia”. The golden long-range compass 24-1000 is fully automatic.

This gold detector is small in size and compact. The received and processed signal comes from gold-plated antennas.

The metal detector indicator is the rotation of the device in the direction of the metal. There is no sound signal. When you arrive near the precious metal – the device will begin to move continuously from left to right. When it’s over the object itself, the device will rotate in a circle.

Bionic X 4 - Detector long-range gold with Android Smartphone
Bionic X 4 – Detector long-range gold with Android Smartphone


Frequency Selection: Gold
Search mode: Single frequency
Suitable working temperature: 0 to 45°C
Suitable storage temperature: -10 to 55°C
Batteries – Alkaline 9V
Maximum depth – 6 meters
Maximum length – 1000 meters
The length of the antennae is 10 cm.
Warranty – 2 years

Metal detectors are hobby equipment and their use for hobby purposes is not prohibited by law. Owners of such equipment are not entitled to search in areas that are considered cultural monuments.

Maps with distinctive cultural landmarks can be requested from any municipality. All metal detectors have a detailed description, and they are written in a way that is as understandable as possible to each customer.

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