how to tell if gold is real vinegar

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how to tell if gold is real vinegar

Identify the real gold using vinegar, many believe they own genuine pieces of gold, found them later, but it’s a classic, and you cannot have often distinguish between real gold and traditional, people have devised a number of ways that will help them in that, and we’ll talk in this article about how to find out the real gold with vinegar, and other ways.

how to tell if gold is real vinegar

Bring a piece of gold that would like to verify it, then wipe off dirt and dust accumulated on them, using a clean piece of cloth.

Place the vinegar in a small jar, then put two or three drops on the widget if it was small, if you dip it into one big dish in vinegar.

Watch for any changes in the gold piece, where the gold is one of the metals react with oxygen, and does not corrode and does not change its color if touched with vinegar, but in the event of any changes, turning its color to black, it means that it is not genuine.

Good piece gold wash cold water, then rub it thoroughly with a clean cloth to remove vinegar and completely dry the to tell if gold is real vinegar

Video embedded: How to tell if your gold is real, quick ways to avoid fake.

Other ways to find out the real gold

Visual inspection: the gold pieces to be seen, and make sure any distinguishing marks around them, so check the official signs or seals, or vary his, there is what determines the fineness of gold, what sets carat, is done using a magnifying glass, but if an old gold, it won’t show any of these signs because of the length of use, gold can also mimic that contains tags itself, so further tests must be conducted in order to ascertain, in addition, that the color helps to see the original pieces, We must therefore lose their color and especially when regions of edges, while there was a large percentage of scaling or change in color, it means that the piece is not genuine.

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Magnet test: this way is easy, but don’t give the final result, as weak as magnets on refrigerators don’t do the trick, but it is necessary to use a stronger type, and can be found in hardware stores, or in many other places, and examination by directing a magnet above a piece of gold, as gold is not magnetic metal, if you move the Widget, it means that it wasn’t real, but there are many fakes that do not react with this test, so don’t Absolute certainty can result in this test.

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